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Moon Rituals

To celebrate the lunar cycles and help you tune into your beautiful self we have created this sanctuary for you to reset and renew: the monthly New Moon Women's Circles, hosted by Sarah Tomlinson. This meditation ritual happens once a month at Gather, Encinitas, CA.
See below for the theme and special guest that each celebration offers.

The new moon is the time when you are most closely connected to your intuition, your personal truth. The darkness of the new moon suggests a letting go, a new beginning and a new intention for this coming lunar cycle. At this group meditative event the energy is amplified as you come together to support and empower each other and your connection to yourself.
Please join us for this sweet refuge and renew your spirit: Suggested Donation: $20.

Note: we have special events for men and women throughout the year, please check the listings below to see what is coming up.

Tuesday 19th September

Please join us as we kick off our New Moon Women's Circles in Encinitas on Tuesday 19th September at 8:30pm.
Dress comfortably; we will meditate, chant, share stories and create our intention for this coming month.

The new moon is in Virgo...

Special Guest: tbc

Thursday 19th October 8:00pm

Details coming.

Saturday 18th November
8:00pm: Earlier time?

Details coming.

Sunday 17th October 8:00pm: Earlier time?

Details coming.