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Explore these products to deepen your work with Yantras.



We are pleased to offer you products to enrich your personal Yantra practice and bring your creativity to life.


Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck

Awaken your intuition and learn about the Primary Yantras used in spiritual practice with this revolutionary Yantra Deck.


Sri Yantra Tote - The Empowerment Prosperity Tote

Carry the cosmos! Yes it is now possible to feel whole and complete wherever you are with this auspicious symbol in your midst. Sri means abundance and wealth, both inner spiritual wealth and outer material prosperity. This is a blessing for you and all those whose gaze falls upon the Yantra. The bags are super soft too. Blue or Black.



See how Sarah Tomlinson's books invite you to begin your creative rituals with Yantras through educational and practical teachings.


Yantra Prints and Paintings

To see which Yantra print is best for you to work with at home choose from this selection.

Contact Sarah directly to commission your Yantra Painting. Price varies according to scale and complexity. When prepared especially for you the results are incredible.