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Yantra Readings

Use the power of Yantras, Ayurveda and Astrology to unleash your full potential.

 Use Yantras To Ignite Your Magic.

Find out how to use your strengths to unleash your feminine energy and propel you forwards.

No really, from the day I saw you, I feel like there is an extra light in my life, supporting me and guiding me ❤
— Nousha Salimi

The Ayurvedic Astrological Yantra Readings can help you switch on the light within, see what may be holding you back from realizing your dreams and give you clear focus and direction. You will receive a full astrological counseling consultation prior to receiving the Yantra guidance to work with.

We will work together to discover:

  • the direction you are primed to move in now
  • your best tools to get there
  • what is holding you back (and how to navigate this)
  • your deep well of joy and potential within
  • which Yantras and remedies to work with at this time

If you are feeling like you need to revitalize your current life path, this session is for you, whether in areas of health, wealth, love or matters of the spirit. Sarah offers strong intuitive guidance and many practical tools to support you during this point in your evolution.

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It’s rare to find a teacher with such depth of knowledge and such a lovely Lightness all at once. Sarah has been a true gift in my life and I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance in matters of Spirit.
— Josh Vincent, Yoga Teacher, San Diego

Initial Two Hour Consultation

As a pre-requisite for working with Sarah in any capacity we strongly suggest having this initial two hour reading. This will be the foundation for all of the work you will do together on your spiritual journey.



Follow Up Session

Once you have had your initial two hour reading, all follow-up counseling and studying with Sarah takes the form of a one-hour follow up session unless at a workshop or retreat setting. We recommend a follow-up session bi-annually.

Note: Payment details will be sent to you once your appointment has been scheduled.


You can meet with Sarah virtually or in person, or via email to discuss your personal process and receive the tools and practices to thrive. Fill out the form on the CONTACT page today. One or two hour appointments are available.

Two Hour Consultation: $250
One Hour Follow-Up:  $150
Consultation Package: Initial Consultation+2 Follow Up Sessions: $500.

To my delight the reading was incredibly insightful and on point! It was great to learn the Ayurveda doshas through this method where general Ayurveda quizzes have never been much help to me and I am excited to put the personalized suggestions into practice. I also found it very helpful from a career perspective, especially as I am in a transitional phase trying to find what will bring me the most joy. You were so good at explaining everything and I am now interested in learning more about the Yantras and using the beautiful Yantra cards. Thank you so much!
— Amber Hagopian, Entrepreneur