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44 Suggested Interpretations



SARAH (Back to buy the Oracle Deck)



  1. Good Ganeshe! (Good Lord!) - Ganeshe's name translates as the lord of the gods. You are ready for things to go very well if you are drawn to this card in the deck. Ganeshe brings knowledge, removes obstacles, helps you create strong foundations and do the necessary preparation for your current endeavors so that they are successful in every way. Prepare.

    2. If you are drawn to the Sun Card it is time to find unity in diversity. Come and out and celebrate what you have in common with your fellow beings. Courage. Light. Faith. Thinking globally, and inclusively will serve you well. There is a lot of energy available for your creativity to flourish in all forms of expression. Create.

    3. If you are drawn to the Moon Card the softer rhythms are calling you. Take the time for self-care, nurturing, and loving. Time by water, with feminine company, women and babies. You might enjoy entering into the mythical world or stories, archetypes, movies and poetry. Receive.

    4. Mars! The fiery planet is here to focus your passions and bring a burst of energy to your projects. If you are drawn to the Mars Card it is time to prioritize. Take a moment in stillness to feel what most needs your attention. When you bring all your energy towards this focal point it will bring great success. Harness your will. At this time, tune into working with the chakras, color and sound.

    5. If you are drawn to the cooling, soothing greens in the Mercury Yantra your nervous system may need some rejuvenation. Play. A childlike curiosity, change, travel and some long deep breaths can help. For mental clarity turn to your body and tune into the sensations. Answers come in the form of pulsation, listening to the heart mind, witnessing meditations and communication.

    6. The expansive Jupiter is calling! The bountiful, generous planet gives light to all. Make room for this luminosity in your life. Move into a bigger space, branch out in larger circles. Enjoy your rituals. Be generous. Make a pilgrimage. Make everything you do an offering to the divine. All is sacred. Gratitude. Meditate your way through life wide awake.

    7. Venus, the planet of love, the path of the senses. If this image is drawing you close, take some time to smell the roses, look into anothers eyes deeply and enjoy nature and works of Art in your midst. The senses especially the sense of taste ignite the Venusian. Enjoy colors, sounds, aromas, tastes and touch. Beauty rituals. Goddess. Love. Yes with Venus the cup IS half full.

    8. Saturn offers the gift of silence to access the "shanti" the peace, within. If you are drawn to this card today you may also enjoy working with the physical body through diet, exercise or massage. The gift of organization and cleaning, clearing will also bring you some calm.

    9. When you are drawn to the Rahu card it it time to give yourself permission to be yourself. Rahu is a shadow planet asking you to reveal that which is special about you. Whether at work, in relationships or in some other form of outer expression, now is the time express yourself as you are with all your idiosyncrasies. What makes you different is also that which makes you special. Share your unique gifts and be an inspiration to others.

    10. Ketu is the shadow planet that draws you towards your deepest personal sense of mysticism. Spending time with Ketu can bring about a deep sense of peace. Welcome the unusual forces into your spiritual practices. Tantra. Time with dogs, animals and nature, and some solitude may also be called for.

    11. Praise to the Great Mother Kali! This Goddess card is here to support you through times of intense spiritual transformation. It could be that there is something you need to let go of for your light to truly shine. Consider offering your fears to Kali and allowing your fearlessness to emerge. Commit to the process, Kali will love you back immeasurably. Jai Ma!

    12. When you draw Tara, it shows that you are on the right path. Now is a time to look out for signs and teachings to support you on your ventures. Tara is the mother who resides at the heart center, her kindness is expressed through your words. Take a moment to see the many ways you are encouraged; give thanks.

13. The Goddess of Beauty; Tripura Sundari is here to reveal your timeless beauty. Magic is not only in the church on Sundays, or on special holy days, the divine spark permeates everything you do. Now is the time to see the brilliance within and around you. In its totality life on earth is a miracle. Breathe into the wonder. Be the beauty.

14. The Goddess Bhuvaneshvari appears when it is time to have more fun. Enriching your time with some spaciousness, friends, community, artistic endeavors. Bhuvaneshvari shows you how to create something from nothing, whether it is a new family, an artwork or a new home. Get ready to take a break from the grind and get inspired.

15. Tripur Bhairavi is the Warrior Goddess. When she calls you, she is asking you to bring your awareness to the obstacles that you use and the habits you have acquired that hold you back. When you notice negative tendencies like doubt, comparison, and fear arising, you will start to see their illusory nature. The truth can set you free and your impeccable warrior energy will soar. This is an intense card in that it awakens your strength.

16. The Goddess Chinnamasta demands you listen to your intuition and not to the internal chatter in your head. This striking image demands you to pay attention to that which is important; the truth. Let the 'maybes' and 'no's' fall away. When you feel drawn to something respond with a resounding YES.

17. Let Go. This is the message of the Goddess Dhumavati as she invites you into the space of 'not knowing'. Here, what is past has gone and what is yet to come is unknown. The present moment is a resting point in preparation for a new venture in your life. This is the goddess in her inert form. Use this time for meditative practices. Enjoy the pause.

18. If you are drawn to the Goddess Bagla Mukhi you are ready to take a stand and move towards truth and justice. This goddess can align you with your prana, your life force, to empower you in the actions of good over evil. In her presence all negativity, ill-speech, untruths and falsity will be uncovered and overcome. Fame. Power. Success.

19. Goddess Matangi is at the threshold of higher expression and creativity. She is the renegade goddess who has brings the highest teachings to all beings. Matangi resides at the heart center. Languages, the Arts, teaching and spiritual practices are all developed under her wing. Take flight and soar with Matangi.

20. Such is the perfection in nature, just as a blooming rose cannot become more beautiful or complete. When you draw the Goddess Kamla it is time to appreciate the fullness and perfection of your life now. Self-judgement or the voice of perfectionism drop away. All growth, abundance and success will come from this feeling of contentment in the present moment.

21. When you are drawn to the Goddess Lakshmi you can marvel at the flow of love that you experience. This comes in many forms: friends, family, nutrition, health, wealth, wisdom, and your creative gifts. Take a look at the elements in life that nourish you and see how they continue to feed others. What comes around goes around. Elevate your vibration. Be Love.

22. The most powerful form of the Divine Mother is the Goddess Durga. She is the sum total of the strength of all of the gods according to hindu mythology. Here we see the totality expressed in vivid, vibrant colors and dynamic triangular forms. This power lies within. Summon her love to protect you from harm and guide you to see your magnificence.

23. When you are called to work with the Goddess Saraswati, some blissfully inspired meditations may guide you. Studying, teaching, creating art and playing music are all within the panoply of gifts she imparts. Feel you become a channel to her grace and watch how her expressions take form.

24. You have discovered 'Sri". This is the manifestation of the Goddess upon which the entire Universe rests. To meditate upon this form brings understanding of yourself, the Universe and your place within the Universe. A wholeness may now be revealed to you regarding the independent elements in your life. All is working together as it should be.

25. The Bindu shape card reminds you to celebrate the Universal qualities in your life. What do we all share? What unites us? So much of our time is spent individuating ourselves, when at the heart of each of us is a common thread. The pulse of the spirit, of love are our commonalities. Connecting with your breath, or expressing a smile can be simple steps towards this union.

26. The Triangle shape card reveals your direction. As you take time to be still and breathe into the silence, feel that you are being guided on a new trajectory. This could be a new way of relating to the world, a new habit, or a connection to a newly found purpose in life.

27. The Circle shape card: the circle is complete, it lacks nothing while having space for everything. Empty and full at the same time. Everything you need in your life is within you. It is reflected in your circle of friends and life circumstances yet it comes from you. Settle into your innate wisdom and witness your life unfolding beautifully in its perfection.

28. The Square shape card asks you to consider the foundation you are building from every angle. The square is an even and stable shape, solid and unwavering. Lay the foundations well. Whether you are building a new health regime, a marriage or a new business, enjoy the beginning. Nurturing this well will bring forth some wonderful fruits.

29. When you are drawn to the Lotus Petal shape card let yield. Soften to become the smooth surface of a ripe peach, or melt and be ready to meet the lips of your Beloved. Love can be mysterious and beguiling. The lotus flower petals shimmer as they arise from the mud. Daydream, dance and discover something new about yourself and see how you glisten anew.

30. The Preservation Square shape card is your reminder to strike a balance between rest and activity. An alert mind comes from a relaxed state of being. Take the time you need to unwind from excessive activity. Conversely if you have been feeling dull or listless, go for a run or a bike ride. Being balanced is a personal dialogue between these two states of being: rest and activity. Arrive at a place of being — restfully awake.

31. The Mantra Hreem shape card is a sanskrit symbol depicting the sound of the goddess. When you are drawn to this card meditate on the sounds around you. When you listen closely you will find some silence between the sounds. Time and space start to open up. Hreem is a sacred syllable that leads you to the silence within.

32. The Bhupur shape card invites you to see the miracle that is this human birth. Honor your body and adorn it beautifully as you might bestow offerings upon a goddess. Nourish yourself well, take ample rest, exercise in a way that feels right for you. Bathe your spiritual self with meditations that are easeful and uplifting. Within you is the holiest of holies.

33. When you draw the Chakra Vyuha shape card your life is not moving in a linear fashion. There is a rhythm, back and forth, a special dance lies before you. You may find that you move in a spiral. The maze here shows you that there is an opening for you to discover your own path to freedom.

34. When you draw the Six-Pointed Star shape card you are invited to see where during your day you can move more calmly, doing one thing at a time with complete focus. Driving your car, doing the dishes or working on a piece of art, take it all in. Pay attention to each moment in the midst of all activity. The six-pointed card asks you to live your life fully and stay connected to the peace within you.

35. When you are drawn to the Awareness card it is a sign that your world is about to get more vivid. There will be a direct brightening of your visual universe as your sense of sight becomes heightened through the Yantra Cards. This is also a time for you to 'see' signs and messages that reveal themselves to you throughout the day. Enjoy the magic!

36. There is a profound inner shift that occurs when you contemplate one Yantra repeatedly for 40 days. When the 40-Day Sadhana card appears it is time for you to work more deeply with one Yantra Card and witness the results. Each day say hello to the card and feel its blessings come to you. After 40 days notice what has transformed in your life.

37. You know how you feel. The Truth card gives you permission to follow the path of least resistance and live your truth. You will be immediately energized. Living others' truths takes a huge amount of energy. It is a message from the yogic text the Bhagavad Gita, to live your own life even if with mistakes, is better than living someone else's life perfectly. Be true to you.

38. This one card—Gratitude—can be a practice unto itself. When you pick this card say thank-you, see what comes to mind. Notice how your body responds to these words. Thank-you brings you into a place of softness in the present moment. From here you can move forwards with lightness and spontaneity.

39. It would be nice if your whole environment was a Sacred Space. This card asks that you start to create some ritual and sanctity while using your Yantra Cards. As the teachings come through the cards this intimate sacred space will begin to expand into the larger space around you. Your peace of mind affects the space around you and your environment can bring a positive lift to your state of mind. Awaken to their connection.

40. When you pick the Time card you can evaluate your relationship with time. Generally slowing down for a few minutes and dropping into the spaciousness that this provides will give you a new outlook on the amount of time you have. Step into the possibilities this brings you; less haste more speed.

41. When you pick the Spaciousness Card get ready for a surprise. Allowing events to go a little unplanned will connect you to the divine forces that are co-creating your life with you. As you soften into this new approach, notice how your body responds. Much energy will be released for you to move into the world with.

42. The Kindness Card is a reminder that how we treat others begins with how we treat ourselves. It is impossible to be in two states at the same time. Love and anger cannot co-exist. Choose love. Notice how your whole body responds when you soften your belly, pay attention also to your emotional/mental patterns shifting. Move forwards from this place.

43. The Breathe Card offers a practical suggestion: take a few conscious, deep, full breaths. As you feel the sensations ripple through your body, notice also how your mental and emotional presence settles. This is the greatest tool you have for arriving in the present moment fully alert and ready for the gifts life will bring you. Breath=Lifesaver.

44. The final card in the deck is the Love Card. It signals the beginning and end of your journey. The innocent love a baby evokes, the romantic love a partner awakens and the spiritual love of the divine are omnipresent awaiting your eyes to see it. When you connect with love the mystery of life is remembered and you can be playfully receptive to each moment unfolding as it may.