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About Sarah

Photo: Nousha Salimi

Photo: Nousha Salimi


Sarah Tomlinson   I’m here to share time-tested, tools and wisdom that have transformed my own life; tools that have helped me birth my Goddess; more fully become the woman I am meant to be. In my case, that was a mother at 40. It’s different for all of us. If “Goddess” sounds hokey and the word doesn’t work for you, think of Her as the self you want to be, the you of your dreams. I offer one and two-hour counseling sessions live or via facetime/phone. By working with the Ancient Art of Yantras, And Ayurvedic Astrology we will uncover and unleash your personal Goddess. She is in fact who you already are. So, this isn’t “self-help,” it’s a clearing away of the cobwebs that are simply getting in the way of you seeing the whole truth of your unique amazingness. You’ll realize that there’s nothing “wrong” with you and that whatever your dream beholds; in business, health, love, home, and spiritual life, you can step into it, with grace and abundance.




Sarah Tomlinson is an internationally acclaimed Yantrika (Yantra teacher and practitioner), yoga teacher and artist, with renowned fans across the globe including Elena Brower and Sharon Gannon, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga. Sarah worked extensively with her mentor Harish Johari in India, he initiated her into the spiritual practice of painting Yantras. She leads retreats and Yantra workshops around the world and enjoys lots of time by the ocean with her husband and two young boys.

Sarah teaches with a graceful simplicity that brings light to this ancient practice.
— Krishna Das

You are so amazing! Thank-you! I have loved learning from you.
— Julie Mehretu, Painter, NYC

Sarah Tomlinson’s work painting, teaching, describing and discussing the goddess yantras is transformational. In whatever way people work with these powerful archetypes, they provide a tool for meditation, reflection, and the creation of positive inner focus. The goddess archetypes represent different aspects of ourselves, which we integrate at various points in our lives. Yantras are one means by which we can access these energies. Sarah’s decades of study and practice shine through, she is truly a modern master working with these energies.
— Felicia Tomasko, President, Bliss Network Editor in Chief, LA YOGA Ayurveda and Health Magazine