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Use the power of Yantras, Ayurveda and Astrology to unleash your full potential.

 Use Yantras To Ignite Your Magic.

Find out how to use your gifts in the world and enjoy your life a little more.
If life feels like an uphill journey let’s talk.

From the day I saw you, I feel like there is an extra light in my life, supporting me and guiding me.
— Nousha Salimi, Photographer, NYC

The Yantra Counseling Session can help you switch on the light within so that you can see what is holding you back from realizing your dreams and give you clear focus and direction.

Do you want to get clear on your current life path regarding health, wealth, love or matters of the spirit? Sarah works with the Sacred Yantras + Ayurvedic Astrology to offer you strong intuitive guidance and prescribed practices.

Sarah is an expert on the science of Yantras. You will receive the right Yantra to work with at this time to restructure your current perspective on life and create palpable positive shifts where they are needed.

If anyone is in need of relationship or general life guidance, RUN AND SEE Sarah Tomlinson—she is truly special—not in a “new agey,” bullshit way, but in an ancient wisdom for NOW way that really really works.
— Abby Allen, Founder, Neon Butterfly, LA

Work with Sarah

One:One Counseling — Get clear on your individual mind-body-spirit matrix. In this introduction to Sarah’s work you will receive a life-long chart revealing the optimum potential you have in each area of your life. Your initial two-hour consultation is a pre-requisite for all work with Sarah. Subsequent sessions will be one-hour.

Relationship Counseling — Get clear on your individual expectations within your relationship. Would you like to better support, understand, or communicate with your loved one? Come to Sarah to start the conversation. This work is suited to couples who have received their individual initial two-hour consultation. Life-changing perspectives will be revealed that can foster a nourishing and respectful dynamic between you both.

Family Counseling — Get clear on the best ways to nurture all relationships within your family. With these new insights you can stop taking each other personally, gain appreciation for, and learn how to support each other through periods of challenge or growth.

If you have questions about this form of counseling please check out our F.A.Q. page.

It’s rare to find a teacher with such depth of knowledge and such a lovely Lightness all at once. Sarah has been a true gift in my life and I would whole heartedly recommend her to anyone who is looking for guidance in matters of Spirit.
— Josh Vincent, Yoga Teacher, San Diego

What to expect? In Your Initial Two-Hour Consultation You Will:

Engage in a two-hour consultation with Sarah via Zoom (virtually), or Phone, or email.

Learn About Your 8 Archetypes, these 8 aspects of yourself show you your unique personality in each area of your life.

Receive individualized coaching through your current issues.

Be prescribed a Yantra to work with.

Receive a drawing and a pdf of your personalized chart.

Fees: Payment will be made once your consultation time is set.

Initial Two Hour: $250

Follow-Up Hour: $150

Let's pick a time to meet and discover your 8 Archetypes together.

Book your session directly with Sarah here:

This consultation blew my mind. Sarah gave me a cosmically scientific map of what keeps me sane, makes me happy, and supports my purpose. Knowing yourself better is such a freeing feeling. Illuminate the truth within and radiate freedom!
— Christine Chen, Author, Yogini, California

To my delight the consultation was incredibly insightful and on point! It was great to learn the Ayurveda doshas through this method where general Ayurveda quizzes have never been much help to me and I am excited to put the personalized suggestions into practice. I also found it very helpful from a career perspective, especially as I am in a transitional phase trying to find what will bring me the most joy. You were so good at explaining everything and I am now interested in learning more about the Yantras and using the beautiful Yantra cards. Thank you so much!
— Amber Hagopian, Entrepreneur