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Walk Through The Beauty

Begin by working with the cards alone. The 44 Cards in this deck are a stand-alone teaching. Each card has the essence of its teaching in the words expressed on the image. The connection you make with the image alone allows you to access your intuition. If you rely only on commentary and longer explanations it will undermine your own receptivity to the teaching that is in the visual image. Please first work with the imagery. The symbols speak to a level of your being that is more pure than the function of speech and language.

If you become curious after some time to know more about each shape, Goddess or planet then please take some time to visit the cards on this page. You can of course begin a life long journey of practice and study at this point.

Always return to the symbol. Spend time each day receiving the teachings and blessings that they impart. The Yantras are the deities themselves. No words can surpass the healing energy that they contain. This is the reason I did not create an accompanying booklet for the deck. It will reduce the potency of the Yantras and their effect on your intuition. After some urging however from my students I have agreed to share some of my thoughts on the teachings here.

We are offering a four-week class teaching you how to work with the Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck

There are three groupings of cards in the deck:

  • The 24 Yantra Archetypes: This is the major arcana in the deck.

  • The Ten Facets Of Sacred Geometry: The teachings are revealed through the language of Sacred Geometry.

  • The Ten Spiritual Lessons: When clarity of mind begins to awaken from the Yantra Practice you will find yourself developing these qualities.

The Messages

As an oracle deck, each card brings with it both the description of the planet, shape, goddess or teaching
and the message it brings as an oracle. All 44 Cards and their descriptions are below.



Good Ganeshe! (Good Lord!) - Ganeshe's name translates as the lord of the gods. You are ready for things to go very well if you are drawn to this card in the deck. Ganeshe brings knowledge, removes obstacles, helps you create strong foundations and do the necessary preparation for your current endeavors so that they are successful in every way. Prepare.


SUN: Radiance

If you are drawn to the Sun Card it is time to find unity in diversity. Come and out and celebrate what you have in common with your fellow beings. Courage. Light. Faith. Thinking globally, and inclusively will serve you well. There is a lot of energy available for your creativity to flourish in all forms of expression. Create.


MOON: Nourishment

If you are drawn to the Moon Card the softer rhythms are calling you. Take the time for self-care, nurturing, and loving. Time by water, with feminine company, women and babies. You might enjoy entering into the mythical world or stories, archetypes, movies and poetry. Receive.


MARS: Passion

Mars! The fiery planet is here to focus your passions and bring a burst of energy to your projects. If you are drawn to the Mars Card it is time to prioritize. Take a moment in stillness to feel what most needs your attention. When you bring all your energy towards this focal point it will bring great success. Harness your will. At this time, tune into working with the chakras, color and sound.


MERCURY: Intellect

If you are drawn to the cooling, soothing greens in the Mercury Yantra your nervous system may need some rejuvenation. Play. A childlike curiosity, change, travel and some long deep breaths can help. For mental clarity turn to your body and tune into the sensations. Answers come in the form of pulsation, listening to the heart mind, witnessing meditations and communication.