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Healing Yantra Rituals in Seattle with Malcolm McQuirter and Nancy Hwang


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Healing Yantra Rituals in Seattle with Malcolm McQuirter and Nancy Hwang

Please join us for this beautiful weekend of meditative rituals.

Saturday 3rd, 10am-2pm: Create Your Personal Yantra. Join Sarah and learn the step-by-step method to creating your own Yantra. You will select from a number of goddess and planetary yantras provided. After finding the one that suits you most at this time, Sarah will guide you through the drawing and coloring stages to its creation. You will leave with your own empowerment symbol aka Your Personal Yantra to meditate with at home. This will be uplifting to all who see it and reside in the space. No previous art experience is necessary. Drawing supplies are provided.

—Please bring coloring tools such as coloring pencils and pens to this class. A metallic gold and silver pen and a 12 x 12" folder to take your yantra home in would be ideal.
—Please arrive by 9:45am. Payment: $60 cash.

—Please pre-register with Nancy Hwang via email:

Sarah Tomlinson is an internationally acclaimed Yantrika (Yantra teacher and practitioner), yoga teacher and artist, with renowned fans across the globe including Elena Brower and Sharon Gannon, co-founder of Jivamukti Yoga. Sarah worked extensively with her mentor Harish Johari in India, he initiated her into the spiritual practice of painting Yantras. Sarah is the creator of the Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck, 2017, author of Coloring Yantras, Shambhala Publishing, 2017 and Nine Designs For Inner Peace, Destiny Publishing, 2008. She leads retreats and Yantra workshops around the world and enjoys lots of time by the ocean with her husband and two young boys.

Sunday 4th November, 3-5pm: Prosperity Yantra Puja. Sarah Tomlinson and Malcolm McQuirter are coming to Seattle for this incredible ritual. Malcolm shares the sacred ancient mantras to tune up the chakras in the subtle body while we create this colored, flower petal group Sri Yantra together. This ritual is known as Siri Jyoti, which means to multiply the light, the prosperity and the abundance in your life in all its forms. We will work on the Yantra, then sit in a circle around the Yantra while Malcolm offers mantras and blessing to the Yantra which we will all receive back many fold.

Arrive by 2pm to assist in the Yantra Creation.
—Please bring a bunch of yellow or orange flowers to this event. $25 cash on the day.

—Please pre-register with Nancy Hwang via email:

Malcolm McQuirter is an Ayurvedic Health Educator and Meditation Teacher living in San Francisco, California. He has spent the last 20 years studying and practicing the best of Eastern and Western meditation techniques to better understand the Mind's role in healing. His introduction to Ayurveda began by seeking relief from chronic insomnia that eluded Western Medicine. In addition to finding relief to his sleep disturbance, Malcolm discovered a profound worldview that integrated all areas of life. His practice emphasizes preventive medicine through diet and lifestyle, healing through exploration of the mind body connection and stress management to cultivate a powerful sense of well being. He has been a guest speaker at McKesson Corp, UCSF and Presidio Graduate School.

Please sign up for your Ayurvedic Elemental Reading on Friday 3rd November at 2pm or 4pm, and Monday 5th November at 10am or 12pm. Contact Sarah directly by emailing


Elemental Ayurvedic Consultation

Take the opportunity before or after our weekend to receive your personal Elemental

Ayurvedic Consultation with Sarah Tomlinson.

If you are feeling like you need to revitalize your current life path, this session is for you,

whether in areas of health, wealth, love or matters of the spirit. Sarah offers strong intuitive

guidance and many practical tools to support you during this point in your evolution.

During your two-hour consultation using the Ayurvedic Astrological Data and your current

Yantra influences we will work together to discover:

· the direction you are primed to move in now

· your best tools to get there

· what is holding you back (and how to navigate this)

· your deep well of joy and potential within