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Rock your Universe with 9 Planet Yoga! -  A healing sequence of 21 asanas. Sunday June 23, 3-5pm.


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Rock your Universe with 9 Planet Yoga! - A healing sequence of 21 asanas. Sunday June 23, 3-5pm.

  • indigo dragon healing center Encinitas CA (map)

Please join us for the 9 Planet Yoga Sequence on Sunday June 23, 3-5pm

The event will be held in Encinitas at Indigo Dragon Wellness Center.

Have you ever wondered about the emotional benefits of each yoga posture? The nine planet yoga class, based in the ayurvedic astrological tradition, methodically addresses the organs and glands in the physical body. The subtle body of mind and bliss can be accessed once the physical body has been brought into balance.

Come and try the class. It is phenomenal and a treat for all levels. There are 21 postures in total. The postures are sequenced according to the planets and the gunas (the qualities of life). You will experience an internal relaxation, spaciousness and energizing quality as you move through the sequence.

Please bring:

Your Mat


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Sarah Tomlinson, resident ayurvedic astrologer and yantra expert, has been working with this planetary healing yoga series for the past 15 years. She weaves her knowledge of yoga as it relates to the spine (as taught by Vanda Scaravelli/Diane Long) into the healing wisdom that ayurveda provides.

SAVE THE DATES: Next Yoga on the DECK with Sarah Tomlinson: Sunday August 11th, November 10th.


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