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Frequently Asked Questions About The Yantra Consultations

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Some Frequently Asked Questions

A Journey Through Your Eight Archetypes

All YOU need to know to flourish.

What do you do? When I work with you, I will draw up an ancient chart that contains a layer of archetypal information that is not readily available. Ah ha! Yes it is brilliant. I also ask you to look at the Sacred Yantras and determine which one(s) you are drawn to.

But Why? Maybe you're looking for clarity, or a new vision. We can work on that together. The eight archetypes are the eight key traits that you, as a unique individual possess. Once you know these you can move forwards with your life with confidence, focus and great ease.

What does discovering my spiritual archetype mean? Are you a Warrior? A Rebel? A Hermit? Or? Discover which of the eight archetypes governs your spiritual life.

What is my life purpose? Are you a teacher, a guide, a business person or?

As we answer these fundamental questions, we'll keep in mind the issues you are currently working on.

Once we know your 8 archetypes you will get clear on your current questions. We will select the appropriate Yantra Remedy for you to give you focus and support.

So, how does this differ from a horoscope or psychic reading? Is it similar? The reading is a present day grounded counseling session that addresses your current life questions.

What truly differentiates this reading from others is that Sarah works directly with the Yantras AND that the chart is an ancient form of the vedic astrological chart. It contains a formula no longer used in contemporary readings to reveal your eight archetypes.

How can I learn more about Yantras? Yantras are the visual counterpart to the audible Mantra. Read more here on Yantras and what they are.

How do I book my consultation? If you go the CONTACT page you can request a personal consultation, this can happen over ZOOM (virtually), phone or email. If I happen to be traveling to your town we can schedule an in-person consultation.