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Sarah Tomlinson Yantra Homepage

You Wanna Get Clear About It?

Hi, I’m Sarah.

I’m here to teach you how to use Yantras to mirror your positive qualities back to you.
I show you how to attune to your life purpose.

What is the best way for you to express your unique self.
Let's connect.

Which Yantra Do You Need?

You can use this lens to understand your current relationship and see the best ways to be together and move forwards.

Tune into your intuition through daily use of the Yantra Deck and receive their healing
— Sarah Tomlinson

The Prosperity Yantra Ceremony is an ancient and beautiful ritual used to purify the energy in a home or work space. If you need a space clearing or house warming event consider hosting this sacred offering. I have learnt how to do this practice from my Tantric Teachers in South India…revamped into present day beauty for you.

Receive the blessings of the PROSPERITY RITUAL known as Siri Jyoti by watching the video above. Sarah draws the Yantra Outline with colored chalk. The inner triangles are filled here with colored sand. The outer petals are filled with rose petals brought by the participants. This took place at the Three Jewels Center, in New York City during the time of Navaratri, the nine nights of the Goddess. Sarah is joined by Ambika on harmonium/chant. See our events page for upcoming rituals and classes. Connect with Sarah directly to invite this clearing of dis-harmony and cultivation of abundance into your space.

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