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Relationship Counseling

Bring your differences to the surface and let them breathe, be appreciated, and bring you closer.


Have you ever wondered why some people ‘work really hard’ in their RELATIONSHIPS and others appear to have an easeful time of it? My experience, both personally as I navigated my way through some treacherous terrain before landing in a healthy vibrant relationship, and professionally through my Ayurvedic Astrological Counseling practice, is that there are some positive patterns that emerge in ‘successful’ relationships.

I can see that bringing a mindfulness approach to real life situations can make all the difference. When we replace negativity in our daily conversations and behavior, we also prevent issues from escalating: kindness, clarity, and love prevail. So often just when we need to be most present we go on automatic pilot for a moment and check out, this is exactly where we can bring our spiritual skills to use. How are you going to show up for yourself and your partner especially if and when the going gets tough?

Come and see me if

  • if you feel strained in your current relationship,

  • if you are single and wondering how to start to look for Mr or Mrs Right,

  • if you’d like to gain appreciation and enjoy a deepening of the love that already exists between you.


You have uplifted our marriage and given us a new path to go on. We both feel indebted to you.
— Nancy Hwang, Yoga Priestess, Seattle


Using the Five Guideposts outlined by Lair Torrent, we will look at the keys to freedom within your relationship. The first is mindfulness, it all begins with you. Are you ready to show up fully for yourself?

As we work through the next four guideposts together you will begin to see how you, and your relationships, are worth showing up for. You will unravel the voices in your head that are no longer serving you and you can start to see if your daily choices are making you and your partner a priority. We will look at each of your ayurvedic astrological archetypes to reveal the map of your togetherness and gain a new perspective to the ways that you will flow well together or apart.

This work is focused primarily on intimate relationships, in addition, looking at the relationship you have with your children; how you interact with them to support your role as a parent, and how you nurture your children so they can blossom, is also valuable work we can do together.

I welcome individuals, couples and families. This work happens in-person in weekly sessions to address the issues at hand. Virtual sessions are offered globally, and Encinitas-based office work locally.

If you are feeling ready to do this work so that you and your relationships thrive

Thank-you for making our lives and our relationship better!
— Dane Nomellini, Designer

You have helped me so much! I loved learning more about my partner and I in relationship through the Ayurvedic Chart, it has helped me to stop taking things so personally. So so good! Thank-you!
— Kelly Williams, Yoga Instructor, MA

Make Every Relationship
The One of Your Dreams.

Live better now. We can do this together.