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Tantra with Venu Syama in Encinitas


Tantra Workshops With Venu Syama


Please Join me in welcoming my Sri Vidya teacher from South India to Encinitas! I have traveled to India many times to study this wisdom at the source and I cannot believe India and her wisdom is now here in this beautiful form. Save yourself a plane ticket and come on down:     

We will be offering two special classes during her visit. One is a Sri Yantra Group Ceremony for Prosperity (health, wealth and happiness) and the second is a Women's Tantric Empowerment Class. Please Email Raveina to sign up for one or two of the classes. In addition on Sunday 22nd, from 1-4pm Venu will be offering one:one Kalavahana personal healing sessions. This is an empowerment ritual taught to Venu from an ancient scriptural blessing ceremony. I have personally received this and can testify to its clearing and healing capacity on many levels.
See below for more on each class. Let me know if you have any questions


Siri Jyoti Ritual

The Siri Jyoti Ritual is a group ceremony where we create the Sri Yantra on the ground. Upon this are layers of a ritual involving offerings, candles, incense, foods and flowers.

The symbolism of the Yantra is taught to us throughout the ritual as representing the divine blessings that restore our physical body to harmony. Once restored you see that your outer world will also be in divine order and prosperity in the form of literal wealth, physical health and spiritual knowledge will be abundant. Venu Syama is an expert guide at leading you through this ritual and it seems she 'channels' amazing mantras and prayers throughout. The result is powerful! I am excited to share this with you as my love for Yantras is so strong.

When: Sunday 22nd October, 4-7pm

Please bring:

—Flowers! One bunch of fresh flowers to offer during the ritual, large petaled roses are good, choose whichever flower appeals to you. If you cannot find flowers do not worry, just come.

— Some sweet foods, fruits or savory snacks are also welcome.

—Cost: $25.00

—Location: The Peace House, 1305 N.Vulcan Ave, Encinitas. CA 92024

During the afternoon Venu Syama will be offering Kalavahana personal healing sessions. See flier below for more info. $25 per session. 1-4pm.


Women's Tantric Empowerment Ritual

Please join us for this meditation event introducing a rarely performed (in this country) ceremony for women's empowerment; awaken to your own depths of sacred vitality.

About the ritual known as Yoni Puja: This ritual is traditionally done in a Goddess Temple in South India, its practice is being diluted as it travels further and wider, and tonight we will have the opportunity to learn and experience this approach to women's spirituality through Venu Syama. Venu is the direct student of the late great Sri Amritananda, the founder of the Goddess Temple Devipuram. Check it out -

Venu Syama will give a short talk conveying the meaning of the Yoni in Tantra. This will be followed by the puja and meditation. There will be time for questions and satsang.

Venu Syama is a true resource for us in the West, she has profound personal knowledge of these practices and the scriptures and can transmit them through her teachings and presence.

When: Friday October 27th, 6:30-9:30pm
Where: Gather, Encinitas 414 North Coastal Highway, Encinitas, CA 92024 Cost: $60.00

(Please register directly with Raveina - email:

*Bring with you an offering for the altar; flowers or sweet fruits/foods to share.

The Benefits. This ritual honoring the divine feminine powers residing within each of us is incredibly healing:

Raises your own body's ability to experience ecstasy

Clears personal trauma

Raises Self-Esteem so that jealousy, comparison, and low-self-esteem fall away

Deepens your connection to meditation


To read more about these events, and to see an introductory talk on Sri Vidya in Solana Beach on Wednesday Evening,  October 25th,  please see the fliers coming below: