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Yantra Deck Cards


Walk through the beauty

See a sample from the three sections in the Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck
Suggestions for the meaning of these cards are offered.
This page is updated regularly, please check back for more.


The 24 Yantra Archetypes

This is Bhuvaneshvari, she is one of the 24 Yantra archetype cards. The major arcana of the deck.


The Goddess Bhuvaneshvari appears when it is time to have more fun. Enriching your time with some spaciousness, friends, community, artistic endeavors. Bhuvaneshvari shows you how to create something from nothing, whether it is a new family, an artwork or a new home. Get ready to take a break from the grind and get inspired.

The Ten Facets Of Sacred Geometry

The teachings are revealed through the language of Sacred Geometry


The Circle shape card: the circle is complete, it lacks nothing while having space for everything. Empty and full at the same time. Everything you need in your life is within you. It is reflected in your circle of friends and life circumstances yet it comes from you. Settle into your innate wisdom and witness your life unfolding beautifully in its perfection.



The Ten Spiritual Lessons

When clarity of mind begins to awaken from the Yantra Practice you will find yourself developing these qualities. Some reminders:



When you pick the Time card you can evaluate your relationship with time. Generally slowing down for a few minutes and dropping into the spaciousness that this provides will give you a new outlook on the amount of time you have. Step into the possibilities this brings you; less haste more speed.

A Yantra is a symbolic, compact, geometrical diagram, designed as a magical instrument, used to elevate the mind and shift one’s perception away from negative states. Sarah has studied the art of Yantra painting in India from the undisputed master, the late Harish Johari, who transmitted to her the secrets of this mystical tradition. Now, for the first time, these ancient Yantras are available to us in the most accessible way, as a beautiful full color deck of oracle cards.

— Sharon Gannon, author of Jivamukti Yoga and The Art of Yoga