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Durga Yantra — Protection Yantra Print

Yantra Prints

Yantra Prints made for you to use at home from Sarah Tomlinson's original paintings.

Durga Yantra — Protection Yantra Print


Durga Yantra — Protection Yantra Print

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Do you feel like summoning the most powerful forces? Call on Goddess of Protection. Durga is the ultimate Mother. She protects us all from danger, warding it off with her multitude of weapons, equally protecting us as only a mother could from all that would lead us astray or result in a negative consequence. The compassionate warrior of modern day can invoke Durga for inner strength. (see full description below)

Each Yantra Print is made from an Original Yantra painting by Sarah Tomlinson. These are printed using high quality inks on beautiful watercolor paper in collaboration with Ray Henders at They look, and feel, like the painting itself. Small Prints are 10 x 10". Large Prints are 20 x20".

As these prints are made to order please allow 2-3 weeks in the US and 2-4 weeks for international orders. Expedited processing may incur extra fees.

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Goddess Durga is the supreme feminine force. She is a composite of all of the energy of the gods which came together as ONE to defeat the demonic half-bull half-man, Mahishasura. This demon rose in fame as the dark forces began to take over the Universe. To defeat this demonic being all of the avatars came together and with Lord Vishnu’s breath as the initiator, each of the gods breathed out their light and the sum total of this light created the Shakti (life-force-filled) Goddess known as Mother Durga. They each offered their weapons to Durga and with her many arms she wielded these weapons in her attack on Mahishasura.

With this act of supreme force and love for all beings, Durga restored the light of the Universe and peace and harmony was re-established. At times of imbalance or distress, or when there is need for protection one can call on Durga. Durga is a wealth of love. Having her Yantra form in front of you can recharge you like no other outside force. Her shakti/energy reminds your own energy that you are fearless and courageous, and that the reserves of energy you have within you are vast. Durga is a beautiful woman, most often seen riding a tiger or lion, carrying the many weapons in her many arms, offering boons and blessings of protection to her devotees. Composed, yet ready to take a stand for justice at any moment, Durga acts just as a mother would to protect her child from danger.

If you need an extra splash of Goddess Energy in your home, or on your altar, this is the epic choice. Go forth and prosper. Peace and love reign absolute.