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Kali Yantra — Transformation Yantra Print

Yantra Prints

Yantra Prints made for you to use at home from Sarah Tomlinson's original paintings.

Kali Yantra — Transformation Yantra Print

11_kali _yantra2.jpg
11_kali _yantra2.jpg

Kali Yantra — Transformation Yantra Print

from 75.00

The Goddess of Transformation. Kali brings the courage to overcome all fears, transforming the ignorance of fears into the light of truth. Kali destroys that which is not true for you, allowing your new reality to reveal itself. (see full description below)

Each Yantra Print is made from an Original Yantra painting by Sarah Tomlinson. These are printed using high quality inks on beautiful watercolor paper in collaboration with Ray Henders at They look, and feel, like the painting itself. Small Prints are 10 x 10". Large Prints are 20 x20".

As these prints are made to order please allow 2-3 weeks in the US and 2-4 weeks for international orders. Expedited processing may incur extra fees.

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Kali Mantra: Kreem

(pronounced K R E E M)

Goddess Kali is the first of the Mahavidya Goddesses. (the ten wisdom goddesses) and the essence of the other nine. She is the divine mother who helps you to remove the illusion of your limitations and set you free to connect with your limitless potential.

As the blue/black form, out of her kindness she is said to swallow up your impurities transforming her translucent skin color into the blue/black she is known for. Usually seen in her wild, fierce form, she is standing upon the reclined shiva, naked (pure) except for her garland of skulls, her blood dripping tongue is hanging out, she wears a skirt of human arms (and heads), she has three eyes, blue/black skin, carries weapons in some of her hands while offering boons and blessings with the others.

She is kind of cool looking, with all of the ornate jewels in her midst we see ferocious beauty. Kali is not one to mess with. When she says she will take away all that is causing you to be confused and suffering she means it. Often you will be drawn to this energy when you need to shift away from limiting material concerns, sometimes this causes them to fall away from you. There is a certain shedding of one’s skin that happens. The result is a peaceful connection with the Self. While she is this dual persona of fierce beauty we see the immensity of her love, her smile, her large breasts denoting the love of a mother.

She grants both blessings to you here on earth and gives a boon of spiritual liberation. The name Kali stems from the word KALA which means time. Time is a limitation, the infinite present moment opens up when one can move beyond the sorrows of the past, the anxieties of the future and rest in the unfolding present. Kali initiates you into your spiritual journey, teaching you to make a quantum inner shift in your life at this point.