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Lakshmi Yantra — Abundance Yantra Print

Yantra Prints

Yantra Prints made for you to use at home from Sarah Tomlinson's original paintings.

Lakshmi Yantra — Abundance Yantra Print


Lakshmi Yantra — Abundance Yantra Print

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How do you sustain yourself? Nourishing yourself so that you can share your gifts with others is one of the lessons Lakshmi offers. Lakshmi allows us to develop positive virtues. These riches attract abundance in areas of health, prosperity, and compassion. (see full description below)

Each Yantra Print is made from an Original Yantra painting by Sarah Tomlinson. These are printed using high quality inks on beautiful watercolor paper in collaboration with Ray Henders at They look, and feel, like the painting itself. Small Prints are 10 x 10". Large Prints are 20 x20".

As these prints are made to order please allow 2-3 weeks in the US and 2-4 weeks for international orders. Expedited processing may incur extra fees.

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Lakshmi Mantra: SREEM

(pronounced S R E E M)

The infamous Goddess Lakshmi is the depiction of radiant, feminine, beauty. Seen seated or standing upon a lotus, she appears similar to the Tantric Goddess Kamla, however she has some qualities that prevail outside of this resemblance. Both are known as the goddess of beauty, abundance and prosperity, both are seen in this bed of lotus petals, both have radiant complexion, wear red clothing and are adorned with jewels and there is lots of gold in their midst. Both even have the same hand gestures, the mudras of blessing and protection, and hold two lotus flowers with their other two hands. I have often seen them with elephants on either side of them circulating the waters from the body of water the lotus flowers rest in. Gold coins pour from one of her hands.

So what makes Lakshmi different to her Tantric counterpart? Lakshmi is the consort of Lord Vishnu, she symbolizes the perfect wife, an emblem for love in marriage. She gives the abundance in all its forms. On all levels in order to sustain a happy and contented life; Lakshmi is to be propitiated. For success in studies, with growing food, with having children, business and health, Lakshmi is the deity who presides over this level of contentment and love. This is a worldly love that leads one to the divine love.

Understanding the play of Lakshmi in ones life requires some tending to the tasks at hand. Focus on the job, give your attention to your beloved, then cultivate some receptivity to receive the luck and good fortune that this Goddess may shower upon you at any time. Lakshmi is said to be fickle in that she does not just give and give with no purpose. She gives to those who circulate the boons well. She gives to those who help others. She gives to those who are generous…or she may not continue to give.

Worldly understanding of what sustains you is based on the interaction and flow of wealth, health and love. If you ever feel lacking and ‘want lakshmi’ know that this ‘wanting’ is not going to be attractive to her. Rather, take a new stance and see how beautifully you already have an easeful ‘give and take’ with the people around you, see how gratitude and generosity are flowing and stay curious to the many new ways this can continue to happen.

May we all be blessed with her loving eyes and bountiful heart.