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Mars Yantra — Passion Yantra Print

Yantra Prints

Yantra Prints made for you to use at home from Sarah Tomlinson's original paintings.

Mars Yantra — Passion Yantra Print


Mars Yantra — Passion Yantra Print

from 75.00

If you need some support focusing on your passions this Yantra is for you. The vivid reds in the triangular forms help you to develop your passions in life, giving you the strength and conviction to realize your dreams. (see full description below)

Each Yantra Print is made from an Original Yantra painting by Sarah Tomlinson. These are printed using high quality inks on beautiful watercolor paper in collaboration with Ray Henders at They look, and feel, like the painting itself. Small Prints are 10 x 10". Large Prints are 20 x20".

As these prints are made to order please allow 2-3 weeks in the US and 2-4 weeks for international orders. Expedited processing may incur extra fees.

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Mars Mantra: KUM

(pronounced K OO M)

Mars, the red planet! This is literally a planet with a reddish hue. Red is the color of action and passion, and so is Mars. There is an intensity to this Martian energy which is most powerful when focused. The red upward pointing triangle denotes a sharp upward point, focus, progress. If you are feeling scattered and like nothing is being accomplished lately, it might be time to call on Mars.

Mars is the planet that governs the path of Kundalini Yoga, the exploration of vibration, color and sound. Kundalini embraces the chakras, the subtle body and the energetic matrix within us. Kundalini Yoga is also the Path of the Warrior. Skillful action. Mastery. Justice.

If you are drawn to the Mars Yantra it could be time to dance, take on an intense physical challenge. As you feel centered with your energy tune in to what matters most for you. The priority that arises will be the thing to focus on now. Go for it - with passion, enthusiasm and a successful outcome!