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Praise For Yantra Consultations

What People Are Saying About Their
Yantra Consultation

Sarah Tomlinson’s consultation confirmed latent tendencies and personality traits I knew I had but hadn’t clearly verbalized…I gained insight into what are sometimes hidden motivations and driving forces determining outcomes in my life; the reading acted as a catalyst for change. It was an amazing experience!
— Amanda Moran, Jivamukti Yoga Teacher, San Francisco

Thank you so much for everything, Sarah! Your advice has been the greatest gift I have ever received. As I follow your suggestions I feel invigorated in ways I didn’t think possible, and as I deviate I notice that I stagnate. A wonderful and irreversible change is taking place. Thank you for the helpful follow up and thank you for doing what you do. You may not be aware, but you perform miracles. Thank you.
— GTM. Lawyer, San Francisco

As the expression of our ability to balance ourselves through all aspects of our daily living, Ayurveda teaches me about how I can make choices to enhance my longevity. Sarah Tomlinson’s Ayurvedic Planetary Assessment opened my eyes to the most healing rituals for my well-being, as well as where I really excel, and where I can help myself to stay centered, soft and playful. A most invigorating reminder of how the most ancient teachings can be brought to deep relevance for us today.
— Elena Brower, Author: The Art Of Attention, Practice You

Thank-you so much! Our conversation was so uplifting and energizing. I can’t wait to put things into practice.
— Ethan Perry, Entrepreneur, Los Angeles

Sarah Tomlinson’s Ayurvedic Consultations offering practical and easy to follow suggestions transformed my life. I continue to cherish Sarah’s guidance and have achieved elevated mental, physical and emotional health during the past 15 years thanks to this amazing information! Her thorough consultation continues to guide my life today as well as my whole family’s. With this understanding we’ve created a harmonious home life and are able to nourish and support each other at a profound level. Thank-you Sarah!!!
— Jasmine Tarkeshi, Co-Founder/Director Laughing Lotus Yoga, San Francisco

To my delight the consultation was incredibly insightful and on point! It was great to learn the Ayurveda doshas through this method where general Ayurveda quizzes have never been much help to me and I am excited to put the personalized suggestions into practice. I also found it very helpful from a career perspective, especially as I am in a transitional phase trying to find what will bring me the most joy. You were so good at explaining everything and I am now interested in learning more about the Yantras and using the beautiful Yantra cards. Thank you so much!
— Amber Hagopian, Entrepreneur

Thank you for sending the ayurvedic chart and for the consultation. The chart is a very helpful guideline for me to create more overall balance with my physical, mental and most everything else. It also speaks to much of what I like and what is good for me I need to focus on more. I started the new job last week and have already begun to feel lighter. I am starting to get a better sense on how I can nail my time and routine down more to enhance my being and lend more time to being physical and creative. Thank you for sending me Tara with the chart! I am very drawn to that Yantra!
— Heather Bowman, Social Worker, New York City

Sarah Tomlinson you are amazing! You make people see who they really are and give them the tools to then embrace it. You have such a gift. Thank-you. I love the Yantras you made for me too.
— Jeanette Kinley, Financial Consultant, AZ

I printed out your email and also the chart you gave me. I read the letter slowly and held back tears of joy as I moved over your words. Your voice rang like that of an old friend, and my heart felt your very warmth through each sentence.
I don’t know how exactly I can repay you in this life, but I WILL one day. I find great comfort in your wisdom and assurance of the road to be traveled.
As I continue in my Sadhana I know there will be more times I reach to you for higher learning. Thank you for imparting some of what you know down to me. (consultation via email)
— Nancy Hwang, Yoga Teacher, Seattle

What a beautiful and accurate consultation. I thank you with all my heart. You are a gem. I just read everything. You got me very emotional. It’s so touching to be seen and to know I am right in what I feel. You have given me a great gift.
You are a very powerful healer. Thank-you Sarah
— Lara Land, Director Of Land Yoga, Harlem, NYC