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Preparing for INDIA


Sarah's news and nuggets of wisdom.

Preparing for INDIA

Sarah Tomlinson

…and yes I wish you were coming too. I just returned from my weekly grocery trip with the additional ‘what to take to INDIA’ supplements and toiletries. The retreat is getting closer and I am getting readier.

India always provides such an interesting experience. In relationships, and in life I always say that things seem to go better when judgement falls away and curiosity and wonder take over. I was watching an interview on Marie TV yesterday which echoed these sentiments of mine exactly.

In India when one allows, the sense of wonder is beyond anything I have ever known. The way the devotion is palpable in the people’s eyes, the kindness that is bestowed, and the incredible art-i-facts that we stumble upon as a daily occurrence. This in turn opens us up to new spiritual experiences.

How communities functioned a long time ago, especially in the ancient villages we will go to on this trip, seems to be ever present. Through ritual and wonder you can perhaps plug back into the space before judgement arises and bring the magic back into your life.


HOT TIP: Taking out the judgement. WOW. Cut off the inner dialogue that seems to be intent on sabotaging those around you. Why do we do this anyway? Somehow we think in a very instant gratification kind of a way, it makes us feel better, superior, not threatened. However what it does is alienate us, reduce our humanity to less than humane and breed separation.

As we step into the wonder, our eyes and our hearts open wide. Yes, life gets more interesting, people can open up, express themselves to you more openly, and you can discover together more than you ever thought possible.


As with all spiritual practices, awareness is the key. Start to take note today as you find yourself bringing curiosity and wonder into all that you do.

Check out the INDIA page - we are accepting last minute participants this week only!

Jai Ma and LOVE

PHOTO: Nousha