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Yantra Painting Workshops

Check out our Yantra workshops and retreats.

Yantra Painting Workshops

Draw, Color, Paint and Chant with Us.


Drawing Your Yantra

You will be transformed by drawing the lines that create your yantra. You will also be clearing pathways within. All drawing supplies are provided. This is typically a 4-hour class. You can bring your favorite coloring tools to complete the Yantra. Benefit by creating:

  • Focus

  • Desires Cultivated

  • Confidence

  • Peace of mind

  • A Yantra to take home and work with


Yantra and Mantra Workshops

Feel the added benefit of combining Yantra focus with live Mantra sounds. Sarah welcomes special guest artists to co-teach and chant at these events.

Siri Jyoti Rituals

Join Sarah for the participatory ritual known as Siri Jyoti: where the Sri Yantra is created on the earth and decorated with flowers and color. Mantras and meditation are practiced to connect with the essence of this sacred Yantra.*.jpg

Full Day Workshops and Retreats

Go Deeper: Yantra Painting Workshops and Retreats. Drawing and Painting Supplies are provided. Sarah works with a range of media. In a longer workshop you can explore working with gouache paints, color mixing and application of paint. The spiritual practice of working with your own Yantra and Mantra also ripens in this setting.