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Praise For Yantra Painting Workshops

What People Are Saying About
Yantra Painting Workshops

My work with Sarah Tomlinson was serendipitous and has been nothing short of transformational. I did a Sri Yantra. On the day(s) of creation, the journey to the bindu was like a stepping onto a path to my soul and its place within the cosmos. Mapping my way to God in sacred geometry is a humbling and revealing adventure. Each line, each color, each brushstroke resonates far beyond the creation. I sit daily with my yantra and Sri and am presented with gifts of presence and insights that have allowed me to release the constructs that have organized my universe to reveal the possibilities of the God within.
— Wes Stevens, CEO / Founder, VOX, Inc.

I was finally able to attend a yantra workshop at Laughing Lotus SF with Sarah Tomlinson, author of “Nine Designs for Inner Peace”, “Coloring Yantras”. I worked on Durga. The process was challenging, but like asana totally worth it because of the inner was quite profound. I used watercolor and loved its texture, like her sari was pouring through the paintbrush. A few times when I was in the center, it felt like my brush jumped out of my hand. It felt like being pushed out of the center. It reminds me of Maharaji telling people to “Jao!”. Durga-ma was pushing me out until I approached her the right way! But then in the end she is still right here and my life is different because of it. Looking forward to doing my next one!
— Natalie Ullman, Marin, California

Well all thanks to you! Seriously, Sarah, such a gift finding you and entering into yantra design with you! I really love it, always excited to learn more/go deeper. I’m integrating it into my jyotisha practice by creating planetary yantras for upaya (remedy) usage.
— Aaron Abhimanyu Annis, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jyotish, Portland. OR

I drew my first Yantra ever, a Venus Yantra, under the skilled guidance of Sarah!
It was such a beautiful experience, beyond inner journey got revealed. Starting with the Bindu (Center of the Essence) and then moving out to the Gates, drawing in again through circles, squares, triangles and lotus petals...such a sweet journey...time slipped away, and each shape revealed different essences, spaciousness and also resistance in me. What a sweet invitation to Wholeness!
I especially loved bringing awareness to the Gates (Bhupur)...opening myself to let the Divine flow in with all its shapes and creations! It so reminded me what Dr.Vasant Lad taught me many years ago, and which still touches me deeply...’The human body is the highest Yantra’.
— Jutta Hecht, Jiva Sattva Ayurveda, California

Hi Sarah! Thanks so much for offering the class on Sunday, the effects of the Yantra are a big blessing. It was a unique experience that touched me at my core. I am grateful for the many wonderful qualities that opened the space, especially your patience and guidance, without which there would have been no development.
— Medi Matin, Artist, NYC
Sarah teaching Nianna Rose Bray the steps to creating her Durga Yantra. "Blessed to have had this opportunity to create with you Sarah"  Nianna

Sarah teaching Nianna Rose Bray the steps to creating her Durga Yantra. "Blessed to have had this opportunity to create with you Sarah" Nianna

The whole process is amazingly powerful. The Yantra becomes more and more alive.The more alive it becomes the more communication there is. It even seems to pulsate at times or becomes 3-D. April 2 Yantra Day was a very special way to spend a birthday.
Thank you for your teaching and guidance and cheerfulness.
— Kim White, California

Thank you so much Sarah Tomlinson for the transformative yantra workshop yesterday!!!! You brought from NYC your brilliance and insight. I have never liked my art, but I LOVE this! Love! Joy! Jai Ma!!!!!!!!
— Kathleen Kelly, San Francisco

I did a yantra painting workshop with Sarah through the Yoga Society of New York at its ashram in Monroe, NY a few years ago. I received my reading and painted my own watercolor yantra over the course of a silent weekend retreat, alongside my very very good friend Laurel. What a blessing. The yantra painting is framed and sits on my altar at home - a very special and holy treasure. I recommend this experience to all.
— Cori Gallagher, New York