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Yantra Books by Sarah Tomlinson

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Coloring Yantras, (Shambhala Publishing, October 2017)

Coloring the 24 Yantras . Yantras and Yantra Mandalas, expanded forms of each Yantra are presented in this information-rich gem of a coloring book. Wonderful for all ages.


More than a coloring book, this collection of art teaches us the meaning of Sacred Yantras, encouraging us to use them as empowerment symbols to create the life we want with deep respect for the ancient science of Yantra. For you, your altar, your children, your family art time; we love the moments of art-making together with Sarah’s precious work.
— Elena Brower, Author, Art of Attention and Practice You

Coloring Yantras is a rich offering to bring the transformational power of yantras to all.
With in-depth knowledge infused in each yantra, we can now trace and color with Sarah’s beautiful drawings infused with the blessings of her guru Harish Johari.
A gift for all seekers, artists and mandala lovers.
— Shiva Rea, founder Prana Vinyasa and Samudra Global School for Living Yoga

Nine Designs For Inner Peace (Destiny Publishing, 2008)

See how the practice of creating the Nine Planetary Yantras can transform your life.

I discovered your book Nine Designs For Inner Peace on, as I was purchasing a few others on yantras. I have to tell you, Sarah I have really enjoyed using it as a guide. I have been a painter as long as I can remember, and I just gradually began to use my own paintings as a way to shift my consciousness ,to pray, to release, to paint as ritual.

And I am delighted as I discover that there is much to learn and lineages of people who do and have done this kind of thing for centuries.

I really appreciate how clearly you book is written.
It is so easy to understand and the directions easy to follow. Thank you.
— Kristen Myers, Kauai