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Praise For Nine Designs For Inner Peace

What People Are Saying About
Nine Designs For Inner Peace

I have so enjoyed your website and making each of the yantras from your book. My girlfriends and I met for a year to paint yantras together from your book. I have loved your well thought out layout and clear instructions each time I use it.
I have continued to create the yantras and meditate with them. I am now working on wood using paint and glitter. The creation and meditation is so rich, isn’t it!
Thank you so much for creating your book and website and sharing your knowledge!
— Angie Valente, Art Therapist, Santa Barbara, California

Thanks so much for your lovely workshop on Saturday...Many thanks once again for all that you’ve put into the universe. I’ve really had a lot of fun and focus with the yantras over the years thanks to your book. It was lovely to meet you.
— Astrid Jirka, Artist, Yogini, Environmentalist, Ithaca, NY

Hi Sarah!
I am enjoying your amazing book! It is a NAVAGRAHA book! I am in Berlin and I bought your book from the Jivamukti display table before going to the airport. I am so impressed. What a valuable artifact.
— Dechen Thurman, Jivamukti Yoga Instructor, Global

Hi Sarah, I have many untouched books in my book shelves but your beautiful book “Nine Design for Inner Peace” has helped me to refocus and restore my connection to the Source during a difficult few months. Love and gratitude, s-xox.
— Savitri Amarjeet Kaur, Director of Soul Sanctuary, Center for Yoga and Meditation

I have been reading your book since a few weeks. How beautiful! I am really enjoying it. It is so nicely, deeply, wisely written. It is helping me in my practice-meditation, together with yoga.
— Lea Diaz, PhD, Law, Spain

I’ve been working with your book. It is exquisite. I’ve drawn two of the yantras by hand so far, using your precise method. It is incredible.
— Arlene Eve Johnson, Artist, Los Angeles