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Praise For Coloring Yantras

What People Are Saying About
Coloring Yantras

More than a coloring book, this collection of art teaches us the meaning of Sacred Yantras, encouraging us to use them as empowerment symbols to create the life we want with deep respect for the ancient science of Yantra. For you, your altar, your children, your family art time; we love the moments of art-making together with Sarah’s precious work.
— Elena Brower, Author: Art of Attention, Practice You

As both an artist and a committed long-time yoga client of Sarah’s, this book comes as a gift. Her yantra painting and teaching has been transformative and this book allows me to extend my practice with and through her. Anyone interested in bringing creativity and the practice of mindfulness into their life should have this book.
— Julie Mehretu, Artist, NYC

This is so much more than a coloring book!
Sarah Tomlinson’s depth of knowledge combined with her skilled artistry makes each yantra a living breathing entity that empowers us to live a more fulfilled, holistic and healthy life. Knowing the meaning behind each shape alongside Tomlinson’s expert guidance one has the sense that the power and potency of these yantras goes far beyond the physical tangible realms acting as a guidebook to come home to the Self. As someone who has been an avid yantrica for the last 17 years this book took my own understanding deeper and opened me up to a whole new level of magic.
— Rachel Zinman, Global yoga teacher, Sacred yantra artist and author of Yoga for Diabetes, How to Manage your Health with Yoga and Ayurveda

Sarah has offered us a way, through coloring of the yantras, a mystical road map to and of the destination of self-awareness. By meditating and concentrating on the potency of the yantra, we are connected to and can flow with the forces of the inner and outer universes. Coloring Yantras is a wonderful tool and guide of an ancient sacred practice for all ages.
— Nina Rao, devotional chantress, artist of CD Antarayaami, 2013, (Rare Earth Explorations)

I love Sarah Tomlinson’s yantras!
In fact, I have one directly in front of me on my desk to inspire me throughout the day.
There’s real magic in her work and there will be more practical magic in your life if you dive into this practice of coloring these sacred shapes.
Trust your instincts about this practice and as you color away, you’ll be blessed with the serene transformation you’re seeking.
— Edward Vilga ––Bestselling author of The Yoga of Money Manifesto