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Love Saves The Day: Making Your Venus Energy Work For You


Sarah's news and nuggets of wisdom.

Love Saves The Day: Making Your Venus Energy Work For You

Sarah Tomlinson

  • Is Venus Your Path? The planets lend their energy to the days of the week. When Friday (Vendredi) comes around it is always a delight to note it is Venus Day.

    What can you celebrate on Venus Day? Venus rules the senses. If Venus governs your spiritual path you will be drawn to using the senses for centering. For your meditations you may like to focus on the beauty in nature. You can involve sound, taste, touch, scent and sight in your practice.

    Beauty rituals, goddess worship, explorations of romance and the divine feminine could be in order.

    If all this talk about Venus sounds like you, Venus could indeed govern your spiritual nature. This is the part of your chart you look to for centering. In the Ayurvedic Astrological Yantra readings that I offer there are eight areas to look at; perhaps one of them resonates with you.

    Venus in relationships brings romance to the foreground.
    Venus at work brings the Arts and Beauty into focus.
    Venus in your emotions loves positivity and making art for emotional balance.
    Venus is the counselor.
    Venus governs Feng Shui and your Prana, restoring mental health.
    Venus desires the soul mate.
    Venus is Love.
    To befriend your Venus, please contact me for a reading at skype and facetime readings are now available.

    Love Saves The Day. Make your VENUS energy work for you.

    Note: the Venus card comes from the Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck, pick one card for each day of the week.

    The outline for the Venus Yantra is colored by Rhoads and will be appearing this October in the forthcoming book COLORING YANTRAS by Shambhala, already available for pre-order.