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Self-Study Using Yantras


Sarah's news and nuggets of wisdom.

Self-Study Using Yantras

Sarah Tomlinson

  • In honor of my tantra teacher Mani being in the USA this month I decided to tune in to my Sri Yantra practice. Mani comes from South India and spends most of her days in spiritual practice with the Sri Yantra, which offers a lifetime, perhaps lifetimes, of personal and universal healing.

    On the new moon I began a 40-day sadhana: to sketch the inner triangles of the Sri Yantra freehand without notes. This is a complex design which I have made hundreds of times yet I have never set about doing this without my notes.

    What will I discover about myself and the Yantra? Making a Yantra usually teaches me a lot about where I am in my life and reveals much about the healing properties of that specific Yantra in the process.
    So far I am seeing my shortcomings; I am noticing where things do not line up in my life with ease. The impatience I have with extended family members, and the impatience I have with others’ timelines seem to be the most pronounced. And as I draw I see how imperfectly I can draw it from memory. It is not lining up.

    I have a feeling this will be a little journey through the mud before the lotus petals shimmer with clarity and self-love. The beginning is murky.
    I will report back with discoveries in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, see what happens when you commit to something. Doing a practice every day gives you an opportunity to go deeper and shed some of your extra mental baggage. The mind develops habitual ways of responding to external circumstances, mine is revealing itself here as the habit of thinking things should go at a different pace. What would happen if this expectation shifted? This transformation happens through repetition, especially with a tool as powerful as working with a chosen Yantra for a fixed number of days.

    Mani will be in Southern California and Mass, for the next few weeks. Fire ceremonies, personal chakra healing and flower petal puja Sri Yantras will be among the many offerings that she will share with us. Email for more info.