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Praise For India Retreat

What People Are Saying About The
India Retreat

I channeled your love today. You taught me so much during our time in India, thank-you.
— Sheryl Edsall, Director, Naturally Yoga, New Jersey

I had such a lovely trip. Just exactly what I wanted and needed (plus, weirdly, everyone says I’m glowing!) Loved, loved loved it. Everyone says I’m glowing. I know it was the Chakra cleansing at Devipuram that is giving me this glow:)
— Lies Sapp, Founder/Director Yoga Company, NC

This trip to India with Sarah Tomlinson has been beyond life changing for me and a major blessing in my life.
— Jeffrey Williams, Fashion Designer, NYC
Yeah, people keep asking me what did I learn and take away from India and I am still in process far I realize I love more!
— Michelle LaDue, Acupuncturist, NYC