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Praise For Yantra Prints And Paintings

What People Are Saying About Their
Yantra Prints + Paintings

Thank you Sarah Tomlinson. I love my Yantra, I can’t stop looking at it.
— Irene Lleo, Stylist, Barcelona

Thanks Sarah, I received your Sri Yantra print.
If you hadn’t said that the Yantra was a print... I would have thought it was an original!
Wow, the printing process is excellent, and its on the thick paper which has texture, colors are really vibrant.

When I look at this, one of the qualities that is transferred is attention! The loving pure meditative attention of drawing it... following each line.
— Roger Isaacs, Astrologer, Crestone, Colorado

Thank-you Sarah, I love my Yantra wall!
— Christy Love, Healer, Texas

I close my eyes and I see all those triangles dancing in the darkness. This beautiful Sri Yantra print from a hand painted original by Yantra Master Sarah Tomlinson makes for an amazing meditation. It’s healing and it really quiets your mind, I promise (even for a reporter’s mind in election week).
— Mercedes Gallego, Journalist, Spain

Have you ever tried to mediate and can’t really get “into it?” Try meditating on these designs! It is AMAZING, you’ll find yourself actually looking forward to meditation. (On her newly acquired Yantra Print)
— Nancy Hwang, Yoga Teacher, Seattle

Over the course of a decade I’ve acquired 5 of Sarah’s beautiful yantras. As you move through my home each yantra brings a unique energy and light to the space they inhabit. I’m delighted to have each and every one!
— Lori Berkowitz, Photographer, NYC