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Praise For The Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck

What People Are Saying About The
Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck

I love my new Yantra Cards! Really I can’t thank you enough for your contribution to the world Sarah. This deck is truly amazing.
— Lisa Cordoza, Teacher, San Francisco

I’m so in love with Yantras since your deck - I do them daily and really feeling shifts - eternally grateful! The cool thing is that working with them feels familiar and I am accessing soul memories of my temple lives! MAGICAL! Thank you for sharing your passion!
— Jess Naim, Philadelphia

These are my favorite cards! Yantras, Vedic Astrology and Guidance! What more to ask for.
— Danielle Jarecha, Mothercraft, Vedic Astrology, Herbs and Healing Arts, Co-founder, Lakshmi Hair Studio, Philadelphia

I love these cards so much that my box is becoming worn with the love of daily use. Just this past weekend, I passed the box around to a group of advanced teachers in training and they each drew a card. I felt a great deal of joy being able to connect through this tool and to offer that experience in service. It was really fun to see how they were touched.

I use these in private Ayurvedic Consultations, too.

And, my children (my son in particular) love to pull from the deck and share.
— Nikki DeSalvo, Himalayan Institute trained Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist
Dear Sarah Tomlinson,
I used your Yantra deck today with my singers in choir rehearsal. We improvised vocal music after each drawing a card and it was a magnificent, spontaneous, unifying composition that emerged inspired by the individual themes. These beautiful cards are not just for personal benefit, but a great teaching tool. Thank You!
— Dr. Evelyn Troester DeGraf, Musicologist, New York City

Your yantra deck arrived this morning in its happy pink envelope and it is glorious! I appreciate the crispness, and the overlay of images, with the bright, true colors. Thank you so much for creating it.
— Angela Valente, Art Therapist, Santa Barbara

What a great offering from my friend, Sarah Tomlinson, her Yantra Deck is an amazing way to both educate yourself about yantras, in a fun way, while growing your understanding of yantras in your yogic practice.
I have known Sarah for 20 + years, her dedication and passion to yantra practice is truly special. Check out her cards.
— Manorama D’Alvia, Sanskrit Teacher, NYC

I have been using Sarah Tomlinson’s Yantra Bliss Oracle Deck for myself, our home altar and also bringing it to my yoga students for an insight. Right now I am gazing at one of these artfully crafted yantras for a 40-day sadhana practice which is actually inspired by the deck itself!!! Mystical and enchanting I highly recommend checking these out!
— Arati Lane, Yoga Teacher, Ayurvedic Therapist, Dana Point, California